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We are a passionate duo who believe in the power of mindfulness, taking care of mental health, and expanding self-awareness. As queer people of color we invite diversity in mainstream conversations about wellness and personal growth. Our journey towards creating safe spaces for positive change has been deeply emotional and personal.

We understand that mental health struggles can be isolating, especially when you don't see yourself reflected in the resources available to you. We want to change that by offering a community where people can feel seen and heard. Our goal is to empower others to prioritize their well-being and find their own path towards healing. We believe that through our shared experiences, we can build resilience and strength together.

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Every week we curate a collection of wellness content from various corners of the internet. Our selection covers a diverse range of topics such as yoga, mindfulness, personal growth, astrology, and tarot - trying all the things to live more fully.

We're all about tackling life head-on by diving into topics that really make a difference. From coping with anxiety to getting a solid night's sleep, we're all about finding the best tools and strategies for living more mindfully.

As queer founders of color at Hella Mindful, we're all about celebrating diversity and giving a platform to underrepresented creators wherever we can.

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Welcome to Hella Mindful, a curated wellness hub founded by a queer Filipino-American. We explore self-discovery and growth at the intersection of wellness and diversity. Come vibe with our tribe.